DEFIT — The BabyFits Genesis — part. 2



The BabyFits NFT collection is about to launch in April and as we get closer to the mint, we keep exploring the BabyFits universe to get to know them.

Since the first announcement of the BabyFits collection in the summer of 2022, a question keeps on coming back: Why did you choose Babies for a sport and lifestyle app like DEFIT? Legitimate question.

Like so many other collections we could have chosen to go the easy route by picking one animal species and creating all the variations from it. Alright. We could have made sport accessories like sneakers, bikes and swim trunks. Fine. But how do you differentiate yourself from the other 100+ identical NFT collections? … There must be a better choice.

We could also have chosen to have adult athletes. It makes sense as this is the closest representation of our community. Kind of.

But for some reason it didn’t click…

We are in the web3 world !

The place where everything is possible, the place where you can be someone else through your avatar, why would you want it to look like you ?

We needed something different, something fresh. A concept that hasn’t been explored yet in the NFT space. Something outstanding and unique. Something that you would feel a connection with every time you look at it, to boost your energy and your confidence when you are about to workout. Something meaningful, that is memorable. Something that can can be grown and developed as a strong brand with unique identity and IP.

And all of a sudden it became obvious to us: who does all that better than Babies ?!

Babies are cute !

Babies have this incredible power to soften anyone, especially when they are smiling at you. They create an instant connection with you making you forget about all the rest for a moment. You may even end up playing with them doing strange faces to entertain them.

This is why our BabyFits are happy and smiling: to bring joy and a smile to anyone looking at them. Try it yourself !

Babies act naturally !

They do what they want to do, whenever they want it. They are on an insatiable quest to see, to learn, to discover the world. They eat when they’re hungry, nap when they’re tired. They live in the moment. Without knowing it, babies are more aligned with their body needs than us, adults. Babies are these amazing creatures, operating on pure instinct and unaffected by social influences. We lose most of this as we grow up and become influenced by our parents, society and culture.

The BabyFits are here as a reminder for all of us. To remind us to (re)connect with our body and take some time out of our busy schedule to do what really matters to us, sport activities included.

Babies act naturally !

When babies start crawling and later walking, they never stop ! They rarely sit for more than 5 minutes before starting exploring again. And not only that, they also like to sprint, to climb, to squat and they have the mobility of a gymnast! How cool is that, right ?

Unfortunately as we grow up we tend to lose these abilities and the modern lifestyle makes us more sedentary than ever before. The BabyFits are here to support you to move and to get some of these skills back ! Based on their favorite discipline (walker, runner, cyclist or swimmer) and specific attributes they will allow you to be more efficient and to have more energy throughout your workout. All of this with style thanks to the various accessories that will be available to customise your BabyFit !

So, now you know why we chose babies ! They are the perfect combination of an open mind in a functional body. And they’re cute.

This spirit is what we want to spread with the BabyFits collection and that we want you to keep during your fitness journey with DEFIT. This journey is not only about getting fitter or training harder for your next competition. It’s about feeling younger and healthier each and every time you move. It’s about bringing back the kid within you. The one ready to achieve anything! Ready to conquer this world. The one who’s fearless, adventurous, playful and cheerful. Full of life and joy. Amazed by this wonderful world we’re living in.

Wanna learn more about our artist Samy Halim? We got you. Samy and our founder Kevin Serou, were live on twitter space last Tuesday, March 7th. You can listen to the recording here below (yes they even swtiched to French for some questions):

Join us on this rejuvenation quest and play an active role in choosing the names of our incredible BabyFit characters. Voting process began Friday March 3rd on Twitter and will last the entire month of March!

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