DEFIT — The BabyFits Genesis — part. 1


The time has come

The time has come to unveil the DEFIT BabyFits NFT collection !

As announced during our latest Twitter Space (recording available here) the first DEFIT NFT mint will happen in April 2023. In a series of articles we will detail the genesis of the BabyFits, the artist behind, and all the in-game utilities as well as the mint information.

So here they are !

The BabyFits are finally coming into life !

This is a major step in DEFIT history as this will unlock our 3rd game mode in the application, The Web3 Player Mode that many of you are waiting for. Bringing more gamification, more fun and more opportunities to be active!

After almost a 1 year incubation (yes, it takes time to give birth!), they are finally here ready to put their running shoes on, to jump on their bikes and take a deep breath before diving into the olympic swimming pool.

But be warned, these babies are not like any other babies, they have special abilities and talent that will help you in your fitness journey.

Do you remember the Evian TV commercial ?

In the early 2000s, the mineral water brand Evian launched an advertising campaign that featured babies. This campaign, known as “Live young,” has become one of the most recognisable and greatest ad campaign of all time.

The concept behind the campaign was simple: show babies enjoying Evian water, and suggest that drinking Evian would help you stay young and lively. The ad series featured energetic babies dancing, skating, and even breakdancing, all while sipping on Evian water. The babies were dressed in oversized t-shirts and shorts, giving them a playful and carefree look.

Just like drinking Evian makes you feel younger, having your BabyFits in-game will bring you back to your childhood when you were full of energy, eager to discover the world and ready to take up any challenges !

Each Babyfit has his own personality and attributes that we will detail in the coming weeks. No matter if you are a walker, a runner, a cyclist or a swimmer, there is a BabyFit for you !

Next week we’ll dive even more into why babies are the perfect fit for the DEFIT community. We believe our unique and refreshing concept will bring some fun and joy to us all but also truly have the potential to take the NFT world by storm.

Ready to feel rejuvenated?

Join us on this rejuvenation quest and play an active role in choosing the names of our incredible BabyFit characters. Voting process begin Friday March 3rd on Twitter. Follow us on all our social media to get the latest updates.